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TO: Fellow AzCIM Graduates
FROM: Russell Greenfield, M.D.

Through Andy's generosity we have an exciting new opportunity to spread the word about our individual practices and the important work of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine.

As you know, patients are always looking for access to AzCIM graduates in their area, but often comment they don't know where to look to find them. DrWeil.com will soon be launching the Dr. Weil Health Network™. This is a directory of AzCIM-trained integrative medicine practitioners that will be open to the public as a high quality service to link practitioners with readers on DrWeil.com. AzCIM graduates will be listed FREE of charge and will have a full page "Showcase" listing of their practice.

The Dr. Weil Health Network directory will offer the following features:

Practitioner Listings
Free Listing
      Basic Info
Premium Listing
      Image / Summary
      Phone, Website, Email, Etc.

Showcase Listing (Free to All AzCIM Graduates)
      Image / Summary
      Phone, Website, Email, Etc.
      Dedicated Page
      Full Description w/Info
      Google Map Location & Directions
      Photo Gallery – Showcase Practice
      Links to Your Website
      Social Media Links

Practitioner Directory
Robust Search Tool (Leveraging DrWeil.com Traffic)
Name, Category, Keyword, Location (City, State, Zip)
Category Listings
Practitioner Reporting Tool
Stats and Requests: Phone, Web, Email, Etc. (track user interest in your practice)
Category Specific Content
Category Specific Bloggers & Videos
Multi Language Site Capabilities
Practitioner Specific Area

Practitioner Resources
Community Features & Networking
Natural Medicine Database and/or Natural Standard  – Free Access

Please click here to see a sample listing.
As you can see, we need some far better looking AzCIM graduates for this to be successful!
And the video? I'll explain when I see you...

This directory will consist of two tiers:

Tier 1: AzCIM graduates, all of who will receive free "Showcase" listings.

Tier 2: Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) practitioners - such as acupuncturists, massage therapists, etc. - to whom we frequently send referrals and/or regard as highly skilled. These recommendations can be made anonymously. A special icon will denote the recommended CAM practitioners, who will receive a free "Basic" listing. They will have the option of upgrading to a "Premium" or "Showcase" listing for a special price.

It's important to note, Dr. Weil donates all of his after-tax profits from fees derived from this directory to the Weil Foundation. A lot of those funds find their way back to AzCIM to support its mission.

Practitioner referrals to the directory can include, among others:

Acupuncturists / Chinese Medicine Practitioners
Homeopaths (Certified Practitioners)
Massage therapists
Mind / Body Specialists (Experts in Meditation Ttraining, Guided Imagery, Clinical Hypnosis, Etc.)
Nurse Practitioners
Psychologists / Counselors

A third tier may be made available down the road. The American Holistic Medicine Association is moving toward the idea of Board Certification, with approval to sit for the test only if a doctor has gone through an Integrative Medicine Fellowship training program. When the AHMA creates this level of certification, consideration could be given to listing some of the AHMA members as well.

The highest level of practitioner vetting will be used by listing only AzCIM graduates and, if they so choose, a select few trusted local CAM practitioners they refer to most often. I think this a valuable proposition for our practices, our patients, our CAM practitioner allies and the visitors to DrWeil.com.

A disclaimer will be added to your listing that makes clear your recommendation of select local CAM practitioners, while based on prior patient experience and clinical results, is not a guarantee of successful treatment or desired outcome.

To join, complete the form above or go to your public listing on the Fellowship Campus site and select YES for the first question. We will send your public listing information from the Fellowship to Dr. Weil.com. Once you have approved your listing, a follow-up email will be sent containing information regarding how to develop a more extensive page of your own in the directory (similar to the linked example).

This is a great way to help more people access the care provided by the highest level of integrative practitioner – AzCIM graduates. I'm pleased that I was asked to send this note to all of you, and hope you will consider taking advantage of this unique opportunity to support your practice and the mission of integrative medicine.

Be well,